We offer a huge range of cakes & slices in store that is constantly changing.
For occasion cakes view our everyday selection here with orders needing to be placed by 12pm 2 days before,

or for the weekend by 12pm Thursday.

For wedding and custom designs contact us for a quote.


*Please note, due to limitations on

ingredient availability during this time

quite a few cake flavours are not available

at the moment. 

Please order directly via link below or call to confirm* 


Sizing Guide

5 inch = 125mm

6-8 serves 


Sizing Guide

7 inch = 175mm

10-12 serves 


Sizing Guide

9 inch = 225mm

16-20 serves 


Sizing Guide

12 inch = 300mm

22-28 serves 


*Certain flavours have a higher price point. 
7" Vegan Choc Jaffa $55

Allergan advice is available on request

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