Simple Wedding Ceremonies Melbourne - Hidden Secrets of Melbourne

Hidden Gems of Melbourne

With so many beautiful restaurants and venues in Melbourne, it's hard to believe that this one is hidden in plain site! The Melbourne Town Hall was the site for this georgeous ceremony, with just a few additions to make it stand out for our bride & groom.

A simple flower arch of willow stems and some large vases of flowers in the theme made for an elegant back drop to their wedding ceremony.

White & Blush Pink Wedding Bouquets Melbourne

Pink & white wedding bouquets have always been in style, but these days with so many options in flowers and textures, there is more to your bouquet than just roses.

Cakes & Vases Seddon is constantly sourcing new flowers as they become available and we love experimenting with different combinations.

Wedding invitations and boutinierrre all matching theme

It's the little touches that make the difference. You probably didn't realise that wedding photographers love to take all these extra pictures with wedding rings, wedding flowers, wedding invitations and even wedding shoes!

Add a wedding cake with marble fondant and flower topper to match and you have a perfectly matched wedding!

Cakes & Vases, more than just flowers........

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