Wedding Cake Flavour Options


Base Flavours


Chocolate Mud


Red Velvet Mud


White Chocolate Mud


Caramel Mud


Salted Caramel Mud





These flavours can be customised to a certain point.

We can add flavours to some of these to give it a little twist.


Some of the popular flavours are

White Chocolate raspberry


White Chocolate Strawberry


White Chocolate Blueberry


White Chocolate with Red Velvet Swirl


Choc Mud Jaffa


White Mud Jaffa


White chocolate with Banana



Gluten Free & Vegan Option 


For wedding cakes the option that we offer that is Vegan is Chocolate Mud and for gluten free white chocolate and chocolate mud.

As these are less stable than a standard cake they can’t be stacked.

You can have this as the top tier or as a separate cutting cake if desired. 

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